Report unpaid & late payments anonymously.

Inform your business community about habitual late payers.

Tired of clients not paying on time?

You’ve done the work, emailed your client the invoice along with the terms – and now the payment is overdue.

Late invoice payments are accepted as the norm, globally.

Lack of regulation or reporting of late paying practices for SMB

Change the late payment culture – one report at a time.

The problem

Late invoice payments continue to be a big problem for businesses globally.

67% said they pay strategically to aid their own cash flow

Almost every small business owner out there will have, at one time or another, been on the receiving end of a late payment, and frankly, there’s nothing worse.

More and more business are being pushed to the brink of insolvency by customers who delay making payments for reasons known only to them.

Small & Medium Businesses are the heroes of our economy. The damage to the economy if 10000’s of business fail is huge…

Headlines such as “50,000 small businesses fold due to late payments each year” highlights how serious the issue of late invoice payment is in the UK. But this is a global problem.

The challenge

No global legislation, regulation or reporting of late-paying practices for SMB

Late Payment is more than just an irritation – it can cause real problems for many smaller businesses who rely on prompt payment and a regular cycle of cashflow to be able to pay their own bills.

Having a directory to report any business of any size no matter where they are in the world.

No regulation for an international marketplace and gig economy. Without cash flow, a business will cease to exist. A late payment could affect the expenses companies usually have such as staff salaries, supplies, rent and expenses for operations.

Chasing invoices takes time. And time, when you’re a freelancer or small business, means money. In a world where cash is oxygen, the issue of late payments goes beyond frustration. It’s causing businesses to suffocate due to a late payment culture.

50000 small businesses fold due to late payments each year in the UK

The solution

Change the late payment culture – one report at a time.

40% of UK SMEs that are owed money claim that large businesses are the worst late paying offenders

Without reporting repeat offenders a change in late payments practices won’t change anytime soon. This is even more important during COVID-19.

Start reporting clients that are consistently paying invoices late. If they are not reported and listed online others will never truly know their paying habits.

Preventing late payments from clients and customers is easier said than done. However, we believe that a dedicated late invoice payment directory such as brodmin could bring about the change that we need.

With the support of a global community we strongly believe that we can encourage clients to pay promptly. Support from your local government would further help changing these business-ruining payment policies.

Reality in numbers

The impact of unpaid invoices

28% had to cut their salaries


Late payments cost USA SMB $3 trillion


Businesses fold due to late payments


UK SMEs that are owed money


Owed to UK SMEs in late payments


82% fail do so because of cash flow problems


// *all statistics sourced from the internet 2017-2020

Late payments have increased by 22.1% since Pandemic

The average % of unpaid invoices (10+ days after their due date) was 19.3% before the declared Pandemic and 22.1% today
02 Jan02 Jan03 Feb03 Feb07 Mar07 Mar09 Apr09 Apr12 May12 May14 Jun14 Jun17 Jul17 Jul19 Aug19 Aug21 Sep21 Sep24 Oct24 Oct26 Nov26 Nov29 Dec29 Dec31 Jan31 Jan05 Mar05 Mar07 Apr07 Apr10 May10 MayAverage before PandemicRegional Lock-downWHO Pandemic Declared+14.9% (from 19.3% to 22.1%)% of Unpaid Invoices42.63%38.08%33.54%28.99%24.45%19.90%15.36%

The above invoice tracker graph is provided by

Together let’s change the late payment culture, one report at a time.

It is but a sad reality that not everyone is honest and prompt in paying their financial responsibilities.

92% of UK financial decision makers admitted to paying suppliers late

No industry is immune

Whether you are engaged in the service, financial, communication, property, manufacturing industry, there would always be a peer who is accustomed to delaying their payments, or not paying at all.

Let’s change it – together

To stop this culture of late invoices on non-payment of invoices, we encourage community members to be active in sharing their personal experiences when it comes to late and non-payment of invoices.


Be part of a community that strives to change the late payment culture.

Reporting your personal experiences on how poor a business is in paying their invoices, you are helping others to minimise their financial risk. Your honest report and feedback regarding poor payment standards might encourage others to be mindful and think twice before getting involved with that business.

To reach our goal of improving the payment conduct of businesses we ask of you to share what you know by leaving a report on our platform.

Why report overdue invoices from repeat offenders?

What are the benefits of reporting overdue invoices to brodmin?

57% admitted delaying payments to suppliers intentionally
  • Stop financial loss

Keep your business healthy, avoid late & non-payments

With your help, we can reduce the risk of important financial decisions on late payment of commercial contracts, invoices, and financial transactions.

Some businesses are scrupulous by not paying and even switching to a different service provider all together.

Help us to put a stop to this practice.

  • Duty to report

Report on late and non-payment practices

Help us by reporting your experiences with late or unpaid invoice practices – no matter the size of the business or where in the world your client is.

Being listed on our platform should act as a deterrent to businesses that consider it acceptable to use their suppliers as an interest free overdraft.

£23 billions owed to UK SMEs in late invoice payments
  • Verified Submissions

Access authentic reports and feedback

Access authentic reports and feedback on the payment practices coming straight from business owners and peers. Or take part by reporting your unpaid invoices. Information is kept up-to-date by contributions from community members.

  • Due Diligence 

Research new clients before signing a contract

We are aiming to make due-diligence as easy as possible with insight into potential risks of a new client-supplier relationship, focusing on paying invoices to industry peers and other creditors.

Find out whether a client is likely to pay on time or late. 

82% of businesses fail due to invoices cash-flow problems
2.2 million people in the UK are not being paid on time due to late payments
  • Business credit checks

What about business credit scores?

The business credit score of a freelancer, contractor, or business owner does not necessarily reflect his or her invoice payment habit. If you want to check if a small business is paying their invoice, use our platform to compliment a business credit check.

Our platform is free to use.


If you haven’t done so already, you will need to create an account before you can add a business. Once you have an account, log in and follow the easy steps to add the business. Usually takes less than 5 minutes.

There is no limit to how many businesses that are not paying their invoices you can add.

However, you cannot list the same business more than once. For example, don’t list the same client as a ‘freelancer’ not paying invoices, and then also under their trading name (if they have one).

You can, however, add businesses as separate listings if they use more than one trading name – which would appear on your invoices.

BRODMIN was created to serve as a platform for business owners, freelancers, sole traders, suppliers, vendors, contractors, and other active members of the B2B industry to express their sentiments concerning late payments and non-payment of invoices.

Anyone that issues invoices for business is allowed to share unpaid invoices to benefit themselves and other members of the community.

No. We do not edit your listing details. Only you can make changes to your listing. Please note, that we do have the power to de-list your submission should it be against our T&C’s

Our community guidelines govern the submission (reporting of unpaid invoices) programme of The members of this community are passionate and enterprising business owners, entrepreneurs, freelancers, suppliers, and contractors immersed in capital goods and services industries.

Nothing! The directory is free to use  – the only price is the little time it takes to submit a business, which will add value to business owners’ readers and should act as a deterrent to businesses that consider it acceptable to use their suppliers as an interest-free overdraft.

That depends. If you have chosen to make your information visible to the public, then yes, other users on the platform will see this information. If you have chosen to hide/keep your information private – then users will not see your personal information.

Not directly. When you add your overdue and unpaid invoices to the directory, you have a choice to notify the debtor that they are now listed publicly for not paying their invoices on time. Any professional business that cares about their reputation would try to settle their outstanding debts with you.

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To improve the current late payment culture, especially those involving small business and the self-employed, use this platform to drive and encourage change. 

Thomas Minarik

Founder // brodmin

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