The global marketplace needs late invoice reporting standards.

Late payments are common, so common in fact, that they have almost become a standard in many industries that incorporate credit terms.

But this isn’t a standard to be proud of, certainly not one that should be perpetuated.

Unpaid invoices are not cool.

Neither are they hot. They are sad and disappointing.

Your sales figures could be going through the roof and your business could still be cash poor.

As if running a business didn’t come with enough things to worry about. You will worry about when your customers will actually pay.

Late or unpaid invoices can make or break a business. After all, how can anyone meet their expenses when the cash stops coming in?

Why should reporting late or unpaid invoices be a standard?

The problem.

Late and unpaid invoices have existed for years. Lots of people and organisations have tried to rid the global marketplace of them.

Some have even made progress. However, they are far from gone. The core issue with late payments is that the businesses who are guilty of not paying on time do not seem to see what is wrong with it. They refuse to acknowledge their moral, and sometimes legal responsibility to honour their commitments and pay who they owe in full and on time.

The Business Disputes Register estimates that more than 30% of all invoices are not paid on time in the UK alone. This means that a third of your potential cash flow is at risk of getting to you late, or not at all.

Businesses hardly have any cover to compensate for cash flow issues, most of them would go out of business if a third of their cash flow suddenly disappeared.

The challenge.

Getting people to recognise that what they are doing is ethically wrong and morally reprehensible is one thing. Getting them to actually make good on their past commitments is another challenge altogether. And getting them to pay what they owe? Well, we think you have a good idea of how difficult that is.

But we knew how challenging this would be before we created brodmin. We also know that we would never be able to do this on our own. brodmin’s strengths are its users. With your help, and of thousands of others from around the world, we hope to take this challenge head on.

It is well known that larger corporations are slower than companies of a smaller size when making payments. Going up against the big boys has never been easy for small and medium-sized businesses. The UK Government tried, unsuccessfully, to get around 7,000 large corporations to publish and share statistics that talk about their payment performance.

If a Government-mandated disclosure initiative is having little to no results, then getting companies to actually pay their invoices on time might be more difficult than we imagined.

The solution.

Not paying on time or not paying at all is a global problem. Larger companies do take longer to pay but smaller companies also withhold payments for a variety of reasons. Litigation and debt collection cost a lot in terms of time and money.

The solution is to make this process efficient, and most importantly free. The solution is a global directory that is supported by businesses of all kinds from all over.

The solution is to leverage the small doing of the many towards building a collective pressure on poorly reputed companies to start paying what they owe. The solution is brodmin.

Why use brodmin?

Did you know that almost a third of all small and medium-sized businesses experience severe disruptions, sometimes averaging £10,000 or more, per year. This is an alarming statistic. So alarming that we shouldn’t just ignore it.

We believe in improving the ease of doing business throughout the world. With several challenges facing business owners today, we believe that not getting paid on time should not be one of them. brodmin was created to help business owners report late payers from all over the world to help themselves, and each other, by knowing who not to work with.

brodmin is global.

Not getting paid on time is a global problem and only a global, free, easy to use, and accessible directory can solve it. That is exactly what brodmin is. No matter where you are based or who you sell your products or services to, you can always count on brodmin to help you identify who may or may not pay their invoices on time.

brodmin helps you get paid.

But what about the clients that you have already done business with who are refusing to pay?

By reporting your invoices and notifying them of the report, you will instantly stand a better chance of getting paid than you ever did before. No one likes to get shamed, especially on the internet where anybody can find anybody else.

Who would want to find themselves listed as a repeat offender in a global directory? brodmin helps you capitalise on this possibility and empowers you with another powerful tool to take back what you are owed.

brodmin protects you from serial non-payment offenders.

With its every increasing library of unpaid invoices and late payment reports, brodmin makes it super easy to identify serial non-paying offenders from the list of clients you have plans on doing business with. As the saying goes, ‘Fail to prepare, prepare to fail’.

Why should anyone prepare to fail? brodmin protects your future cash flow, and by extension, the lifeblood of your business by offering a platform that has a core purpose of helping you remain protected from late or no payments.

brodmin is free.

We did say we are all about increasing the ease of doing business.

What better way than to help you chase payments, protect you from serial offenders, and help you help others by offering all of this for free? It doesn’t get any better than free. brodmin is yours to use, completely free of charge no matter where you are in the world.

Real users make brodmin authentic, natural, and reliable.

Our entire directory only comprises of real information that is shared with us by real business owners. This helps ensure the authenticity of the reports that are generated for different people and businesses that owe other people money.

There is no fluffed up data in our directory to tilt the figures you see on our reports in any way. We don’t edit the reports our users submit on our platform. Only you have the power to change that information. This enables the reports to only offer information that is based on user experiences.

How can late payment invoice reports help you?

Well, to start with, they could help you get the money that you are owed. We believe that is what most business owners are concerned about.

And why shouldn’t they be? Late payments and unpaid payments plague one out of every three businesses out there.

But they can also help if you are on the receiving end of a debt as your online reputation may be very important to you and knowing what your current and past vendors think of you might help you plan better for the future.

As a creditor.

  • Using our reports will help you check for and identify companies that are known for being late payers.

    If a business is listed in our directory, that most likely means they are late payers. However, this does not mean that if a business is not listed on our platform, those businesses have a successful history of paying their vendors on time. It could simply mean that no one has reported them yet.

    Having this information can greatly reduce the costs in terms of time and money that you would otherwise have to expend toward pursuing late payments. Our reports help you avoid that.

  • By submitting your unpaid or late invoices to our platform, you will be able to label them for the late payers they are. If you want to, you can also inform them of this entry.

    There is a very high chance that the client that has been avoiding your calls and emails requesting payments might actually get in touch with you to talk about paying you what they owe. Watch out for notifications through our platform.

  • By consistently entering new invoices that are unpaid or late, you will constantly be labelling different businesses that have been late with their payments or have not paid at all. This will help you nourish what we are trying to do here and will help others avoid companies that have bad reputations.

As a debtor.

  • As somebody who works with a lot of different vendors, it can become difficult to keep track of payments. It is also possible to miss some payments as well. brodmin can help you identify easily if any of your suppliers have labelled you as a late or non-paying business.

    It may have simply been overlooked from your end but if left unresolved, it can affect the reputation of your business online. brodmin lets you resolve those payments by allowing you to contact the list owner.

  • When you take an earnest effort to resolve past payment matters amicably, it helps build confidence and trust.

    We all have ups and downs and if for some reason, you had cash flow issues of your own in the past that made you unable to pay your suppliers, you can use brodmin to find them to resolve those issues.

    This can be greatly beneficial if you are looking to start a new business venture with an old trading name or if you are looking to expand in another market.

What about anonymity?

Even though we have mentioned earlier the many benefits of reporting your unpaid and late invoices, a number of those are only possible if you allow other businesses to contact you.

However, if you do not want to be contacted, you can choose to remain completely anonymous and we won’t share your details with anyone.

You will be able to report invoices with complete peace of mind at brodmin.

Ready to get started?

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