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FAQ. SMEs face additional cost of around £677 a month which are directly attributed to late payments

BRODMIN was created to serve as a platform for business owners, freelancers, self-employed, suppliers, vendors, contractors, and other active members of the B2B industry to express their sentiments concerning late payments and non-payment of invoices.

Hence, the aforementioned B2B participants are allowed to share unpaid invoices to benefit themselves and other members of the community as well.

If you are facing financial difficulties due to unpaid or overdue invoices you can check our web page Helpful Sites. We have added other website links that may be able to help you with recovering outstanding invoices.

A submission is when you add a business/client that does not pay your invoices on time. The information that you add to your listing will be viewable to the public. Your experience with late and non-invoice payments with that client will help others reduce the risk of non-payment.

Nothing! nil, zilch, zip, nada, diddly-squat, nought.

It’s completely free – the only price is the little time it takes to submit a business, which will add value to business owners’ readers and should act as a deterrent to businesses that consider it acceptable to use their suppliers as an interest-free overdraft.

Any business owner, freelancer, self-employed, suppliers, vendors, contractors etc that issue invoices to their clients. If your invoices are not getting paid on time – add those clients to our platform to help others make informed, business decisions.

There is no limit to how many businesses that are not paying their invoices you can add.

However, you can not list the same business more than once. For example, don’t list the same client as a ‘freelancer’ not paying invoices, and then also under their trading name (if they have one).

You can, however, add businesses as separate listings if they use more than one trading name – which would appear on your invoices.

No. We do not edit your listing details. Only you can make changes to your listing. Please note, that we do have the power to de-list your submission should it be against our T&C’s

Although we discourage the deletion of your account you can do so by contacting us and requesting that we delete your account in its entirety.

You first need to login to your account. Under Account Settings, you can update your profile – including changing your email address. Changing email address will require that you confirm your new email address before it is activated.

If you have forgotten your password, you can re-set it by clicking the link ‘Forgot Password’ on your login screen. Enter the email address that you have used when registering and we will send you a link to reset your password.

We require everyone to confirm their mobile phone number to verify that you are a human being. If you can not activate your account with a valid mobile number, please contact us.

If you want to add a client or business that owes you money –  you will be required to create an account with login, email address & password – or you can connect with your LinkedIn account.

Without setting this information up, you will not be able to add any business details.  If you are trying to comment, you must log in or set up a new account. this helps us promote a safe and accountable

Creating an account will also help you to add, adjust, change, or delete information in the future.

No, we do not help with outstanding invoices. Our platform is for reporting late invoice payments.

We also do not give any legal advice. The information provided on this website does not, and is not intended to, constitute legal advice; instead, all information, content, and materials available on this site are for general informational purposes only.

The short answer is NO if you follow community guidelines and submit only a personal, honest, and factual review of unpaid or not yet paid invoices.

You are encouraged to read and comprehend our submission guidelines

However, if you are NOT adding true accounts of your experience with that business or client then they may have reason to pursue you legally.

If you have resolved outstanding payments and issues and would like to reflect this on the listing – please contact the list owner (the person hat has added the listing) and request that they update the status of those invoices.

You cannot remove a listing that someone else has added about you or your business.

However, if someone has listed you or your business as paying invoices late you can try to resolve this with the person or business that has added your details.

You will find a ‘contact list owner’ link on each business listing. Use this to make contact and ask if adjustments can be made/negotiated with the person or business that your details.

Our report on a business page will guide you through the simple process. If you haven’t done so already, you will need to create an account before you can add a business. Once you have an account, log in and follow the easy steps to add the business. Usually takes less than 5 minutes.

We will ask a few questions that you can answer by simply selecting the correct options. You can post about your unpaid/outstanding invoices. You can include the total amount that is owed to you and indicates how late the client is with paying those invoices.

You can also leave a review with your information, for example about payment terms, how often you have tried to resolve the issue and what responses (if any) that you may have received.

Some listings “may” require additional prove. In those cases, you can upload (privately and securely) copies of relevant information requested.

Never. Once you add a business or client the information will be there for good. This will help others that research prospects before they hire them.

If the listings would expire or are taken down, other businesses might be negatively affected financially. So, the information will stay online forever, unless you decide that you want to delete the listing for a business that you have added.

Yes of course. Log in to your account and edit the information that you have previously added. We encourage everyone to update their listings if progress or a resolution has been made with the parties involved. You can also mark an invoice paid or resolved.

Although all listings are automatically accepted – our moderators might ‘unpublish’ your listing if there are concerns. To avoid your listing not being accepted, make sure that the details that you are adding are correct and your personal experiences only.

Log in to your account and edit the information that you have previously added. We encourage everyone to update their listings if progress or a resolution has been made with the parties involved. You can also mark an invoice paid or resolved.

Adding a client or business that owes your money from outstanding invoice to our platform might just get the right response from the people that have not paid you thus far.

When you add someone, you have the option to ‘notify’ the party involved (or not) that you have added them to our platform. If they care about their future business dealings, they might just be motivated enough to settle any outstanding amounts. (No promises though)

If you mean if Brodmin will help you with getting your invoices paid – then no. We provide a free directory for you to list your unpaid invoices but do not get involved in solving the outstanding debt.

Not directly. When you add your overdue and unpaid invoices to the directory, you have a choice to notify the debtor that they are now listed publicly for not paying their invoices on time. Any professional business that cares about their reputation would try to settle their outstanding debts with you.

NO. We do not give legal advice…..

When you add your details, you have the option to select what details about you are visible to the public. If you do not want to display your personal info, simply select the hide option next to each filed.

Yes of course. If you have chosen to hide your details when you added your listing details you can log in again to your account and make any information that you have made private – public.

That depends. If you have chosen to make your information visible to the public, then yes, other users on the platform will see this information. If you have chosen to hide/keep your information private – then users will not see your personal information.

No. We only give you the platform to list any business or client that is not paying or paying late invoices that you are owned.

Yes, you can. There is an option for you to select if you want to notify the business/client that you have added them to our platform. This might trigger a response from them. To notify them you will need to add their email address so that we can send the message.

If there is a listing about you or your business that is factually not correct – please contact the person that added the listing to correct or remove the information. You can contact the list owner directly by clicking the link next to your business ‘contact list owner’.

FAQ. 20% of directors have taken pay cuts in order to keep money in the business