These community guidelines govern the submission (reporting of unpaid invoices) programme of The members of this community are passionate and enterprising business owners, entrepreneurs, freelancers, suppliers, and contractors immersed in capital goods and services industries.

brodmin was created to report late invoice payments directory between suppliers,  business owners & contractors.

Do not be afraid to say what you think and most especially share what you have experienced first-hand with a particular supplier or service provider. We believe that thought-provoking reviews will encourage change and improvement both on the personal or institutional level of involved parties.

These guidelines are introduced to active participants to make sure that brodmin submissions remain honest, balanced, and informative for all community members.

  • Whether in business or life, HONESTY IS THE BEST POLICY. For that matter, community members must be honest with their criticism or reviews. Apart from that, experiences shared by the reviewer must be based on personal experience and not mere hearsay.

  • Since all community members are engaged in business, it is expected that professionalism should be exercised to its very extent. Reviewers are expected to STAND BEHIND THEIR CLAIM as expressed on the content of their reviews.

  • Although we encourage HONEST FEEDBACK from community members, this does not mean that profanities, threats & violence, discriminatory languages, and ad hominem statements are tolerated. Despite the emotions involved in a particular business negotiation, handling, or execution, community members should see to it that reason prevails over emotions.

  • Aside from disclosing the name of the companies or institutions involved, reviewers may also MENTION NAMES OF SPECIFIC INDIVIDUALS provided that they are active, principal, and direct participants to the events or scenarios leading to the frustration or failure of the business transaction.

  • SUBMISSIONS SHOULD BE ORIGINAL IN NATURE and not quoted from someone else’s personal experience. Contents mentioned in the review must not be sourced or cited from websites, e-mail correspondence, other reviews from different platforms, and the likes.

  • Community members are encouraged to SUBMIT ONLY A SINGLE REVIEW PER CLIENT for previous or currently being dealt with. If the same member will submit another review about similar participants, brodmin will archive the older reviews/ report submissions.

  • Although honesty is highly encouraged in this review community, we HIGHLY DISCOURAGE SHARING OF CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION, including but not limited to financial statements, technical procedures & manufacturing techniques, source codes, and client list. As much as possible, such details should be suppressed to protect both parties’ business interests and prevent litigation.

  • IT IS OKAY TO COMMIT MINOR GRAMMATICAL ERRORS when expressing yourself through your reviews. If the content of your review is understandable, it is permissible. However, excessive, and unnecessary use of hashtags, emojis, and even capitalizations will result in rejection.

  • brodmin has the right to REMOVE A SUBMISSION / REVIEW AT ANY TIME for any reason. It is upon the sole discretion of our moderators and investigators that we decide when a review is against our guidelines.

Let us help the world to be a better place, let us change poor payment practices one submission at a time.